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Applying for the Student Recital is Easy!

There are just 3 simple steps!

  1. Complete the application form which begins at the bottom of this page.
  2. Have your studio teacher sign your application form.
  3. Place in Dr. Berry's mailbox, room 356 FAC.

It's that simple!


Student Recitals afford students the opportunity to perform in front of their peers. Student Recitals are open to the general public and so it is also an opportunity for fellow students and the local music community to hear performances on campus.

Submitting an Application

Students must submit an application to perform on a Student Recital. Applications are accepted throughout the semester until Dr. Berry determines each Student Recital date to be closed. When a Student Recital date is closed, applications will no longer be accepted for that date. To apply, after reading the following, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the recital date that you wish to apply for. Then, complete the information within the webform.

Can I Change My Application Form After It Has Been Submitted?

If the details of your performance change, you will need to submit a new application being sure that it is approved and signed by your studio teacher. You will need to notify Dr. Berry to disregard your old application.


Both applicants and accompanists should make themselves available for the entire Student Recital hour. Special requests such as requests to perform first on the program, requests to perform last on the program, can no longer be accommodated. The reason for this is that it is not possible to consistently, and fairly, make such accommodations. For example: four different applicants requesting to perform first.

When Are The Student Recital Dates?

The drop-down below shows each Student Recital date for the semester. Friday Recital Dates are also listed on the Music Department online calendar.

How Do I Know If A Student Recital Date Is Closed?

There are two ways applicants or their teachers can know if a particular Student Recital date is OPEN or CLOSED.

  1. The drop-down below shows each Student Recital date for the semester and whether or not it is OPEN or CLOSED.
  2. When a recital is closed, all Music Department faculty will receive an email informing them of the closed recital date. Faculty are asked to not sign applications for Student Recital dates that are closed.

Further Questions?

Contact Dr. Mark Berry @ 270-745-5894 or

To begin the Student Recital Application form, please use the pull down menu and click the recital date that you wish to apply for:

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