New York Times program has ended you will not be able to receive papers in the future .

Western Kentucky University Form for Requesting the New York Times for the Courses You are Teaching

For more information about the program visit:

The goal of the program is to put newspapers in the hands of students to increase their engagement with the world around them. Thus the program does not provide a single subscription to an instructor or to a department. At least some of the students in the class must get the chance to read their own subscription.

I ask that you respect the subscription process as it is very, very important to the Times. They are audited externally on the accuracy of their subscriptions and we are charged as well. Their ability to offer this program depends on the accuracy of our subscriptions records.

If someone begs for one from you, suggest that there will probably be one left by a student after class that they could have or FaCET will have one they can come and read. Please do NOT add in a subscription for your department.

Please complete the contact information fully. It is important so that I can reach you for finalizing details or clarifying misunderstandings. It is stored on a secure server. You do have to complete the form each semester you use them as details change.

If you are unsure whether you have made your request for this year, remember that if you provide the correct e-mail, you would have received a confirmation email listing your order. If you can't find that or need to make a change in your order, contact Sally Kuhlenschmidt at FaCET, 745-6508.

Read this if you are teaching at a regional campus or via interactive television classes:

For your regional campus students, the papers are delivered to the University College and they are sent off campus using the University courier system. When the term begins I will contact each regional campus location so they know why they are getting the papers and for which class to save them.

You have to calculate at least a full day's delay for the paper to arrive at the regional campus location, depending on the courier. For example, if you take the Monday New York Times, it won't arrive off campus until Tuesday afternoon, perhaps. So work backwards from when your class meets to calculate the days you need.

If you are local to Bowling Green and have students here: you'll have to use the instructor-pickup option (as Monday papers disappear on Tuesday), collect the papers on the day you indicate below and then hold your Bowling Green papers until the extended campus students get them so all students get the same papers.

If you are at a regional campus wanting papers for Bowling Green students contact me directly with where your students are meeting and we'll work out a system.

Once you've settled on your order, for me to keep my records correct, you need to fill out this form

  • once for your Bowling Green students with delivery location here and
  • then once for each of your regional campus locations. For delivery location put in UC-xxx where xxx is the name of the regional campus.

Contact Information

The data you enter is pulled directly into reports. Please type your name as you would like it to appear in reports to the Provost, (e.g., proper capitalization. Please don't use all caps-- I just have to fix them one at a time.)

First Name:
Last Name:
Department:  Please write out your official department/division name. It is used for sorting.
If other, please specify:
Office Address:
E-Mail: Please enter your email carefully. It is taken directly from this form for generating messages about your subscription.
Faculty Rank:
If other, please specify:

Class Information

Brief (1-2 sentences) description of how you will use the newspaper to advance student learning.

Courses In Which You Plan To Use The NY Times:

This information is used for checking your order, in case of delivery problems, and for reports justifying the program in terms of breadth of impact.

Please use the formal course abbreviations and titles, approriately capitalized as you see them in the catalog.

Prefix:        Number:        Title:        Enrollment:

Start time (e.g., 8:00am TR):

Class Building, if different from
Office building. Otherwise you
may leave it blank.

Prefix:        Number:        Title:        Enrollment:

Start time:        Class Building:

Prefix:        Number:        Title:        Enrollment:

Start time:        Class Building:

Prefix:        Number:        Title:        Enrollment:

Start time:        Class Building:

Prefix:        Number:        Title:        Enrollment:

Start time:        Class Building:

Delivery Information

Number of total copies you need added across all your classes each day of the week (INCLUDE YOURSELF). You may have any day (M-F) you desire, regardless of when your class meets. If you enter '5' on 'M' I will order a total of 5 Monday NY Times for you, NOT 5 per class (e.g., 20). When you use them is up to you as long as you pick them up on the day you order them. (They will be recycled the next morning if left in the bin).

  M:    T:   W:    TH:    F: 

Academic Term that you want these papers (e.g. Fall, 2012) Used for sorting deliveries. Check correctness or you will be overlooked!

Select ONE:
I prefer to pick up the newspapers for my class myself.
I prefer that my students pick up their own papers.(NOTE, the only student pickup location is in Garrett at the Institute for Civic & Social Responsibility)

If you are picking up the papers yourself, what is the building where you would like the newspapers delivered. We do not guarantee they will come to your building but we will try for at least a building nearby: 

If other, please specify:

Are you teaching off campus or via Interactive Television? yes/no: 

Are any of your classes bi-term classes? Yes/No

              If yes,

             1. Which half?

             2. Which days does it meet? (M, T, W, R, F)

             3. How many papers will need to be stopped or started on those days?

In accepting these copies, you will be asked to do the following:
Check all three
Use the newspaper as an instructional resource in the class(es) and list it in your syllabus (When you do this, we get a free copy for you);
Be willing to provide information on how you used the resource, including a paragraph for a FaCET booklet for general distribution to faculty; and
Contribute to efforts to assess the value of this resource for your student's learning.

Thank you for participating. Remember to list the Times in your syllabi as that brings the university one free subscription.

Dr.Sally Kuhlenschmidt, Director
Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching
Professor, Psychology

If you submit and get an error message send the same information in an e-mail to Sally Kuhlenschmidt.

The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching -- Phone (270) 745-6508 -- Fax (270) 745-6145.
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